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Brynne Frauenhoffer


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Brynne spent most of her childhood in Eureka, Missouri writing friend fiction, horse stories, and spec scripts for Pokemon. As an adult in Chicago, she has decided to basically keep doing things like that forever.

Brynne's production credits include Vape Naysh with First Floor Theater in 2020 and Bury Me with Dandelion Theatre in 2019. Past full-length play workshops and readings include Pro-Am (Sideshow Theater's The Freshness Initiative; also included on the Kilroys List 2020),The Young Ones (First Floor Theater), Synchronicity (Salt Lake Acting Company; also chosen as a 2018 semi-finalist for the O’Neill Center’s National Playwrights Conference), Age Play (The New Coordinates), Pizza Hut Heartbreaker (Commission Theatre Company), and Shitty Christians at Prop Thtr's Church of the New Play.

Brynne's short plays have been produced by Broken Nose Theatre, MadLab, American Blues Theater, and the Chicago One-Minute Play Festival. As a script supervisor and director's assistant, she has worked on world premieres at Rivendell Theatre Ensemble and Chicago Dramatists. You can also read her profiles of Chicago theatremakers on Perform.Ink.​

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