Vape Naysh

March 2020 -  First Floor Theater

Directed by Cole Von Glahn


Production Team

Anastar Alvarez, Stage Manager

Andrew Cutler, Producer

Hanna Kime, Producer


Gracie Meier - Molly

Natalie Seabolt - Teague

Sid Branca - Trace

Bury Me

July 2019 -  Dandelion Theatre

Directed by Ben Kaye

Photos by Joe Mazza


Production Team

Devonte Washington, Stage Manager

Michelle E. Benda, Lighting Designer

Nina D'Angier, Scenic Designer

Emily Anderson, Sound Designer

Melissa Perkins, Costume Designer

Kaycee Filson, Props Designer

Zoe Benditt, Dramaturg

Christina Casano, Assistant Director


Gabriela Diaz - Michelle

Dallas Holland - Ru

Allison McCorkle - Christy

Scott Olson - Mark

Evey Reidy - Amy

David Stobbe - Josh


by Gracie Meier


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