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Vape Naysh

Pop-up produced by First Floor Theatre

Directed by Cole Von Glahn

March 10-11, 2020

CloudChaserz is your one-stop vape shop: Molly finds your ideal mod, Teague recommends the sickest e-juices, and Trace...well, they’re just always around, adding to the dope vibes. But when the nation’s Juul-crazed teens start coming down with mysterious lung diseases, the trio worries that Big Tobacco and the Feds will kill their small town’s sole vapor oasis turned makeshift queer haven.


Bury Me

World premiere produced by Dandelion Theatre

Directed by Ben Kaye

July 2019

Josh and Michelle didn't mean to get pregnant. Five months along, they return to Josh's rural hometown to visit his fiercely loving but overworked mother, outspoken teenage sibling, and ailing stepfather. Upon arrival in Pacific, Missouri, a fateful fender-bender brings new and old truths to light that force everyone to evaluate their beliefs about parenthood, in God, and the plans they've made for their lives.



Most careers don’t last longer than three months in Miami’s porn scene. But that’s about to change when rising star Chloe Kendall meets driven trans performer Nastasia. The girls are doing it for themselves now, and for the first time, people won’t just be watching them – they’ll be paying attention.

Video Camera

The Kilroys List 2020

Pizza Hut Heartbreaker

For Dakota, Pizza Hut is the only place that feels like home. When the Hut hires Zoe, a straight-A Christian virgin with Ivy League dreams, Dakota doesn’t think she'll like the bougie newbie much. But after a few shifts, Zoe proves her worth and endears herself to Dakota. Unfortunately, fellow cook Nick feels the same way.

Pizza Hut Heartbreaker is the story of co-workers, who become friends, who function a lot like family, exploring along the way how we end up in the lives we may or may not have chosen - and who gets to decide how much those lives mean.

Making Pizza Dough


On a dangerous rural highway, two teenage girls wreck their cars exactly two years apart. Sarah was driving sober in broad daylight, Mal was driving drunk at 3 a.m., but it’s Mal who survives...then encounters Sarah’s ghost at the crash site. Meanwhile, Mal’s guilt-ridden mom befriends Sarah’s mother. Through these unusual, fraught friendships, four women search for purpose behind their unfair fates.​


O'Neill National Playwrights Conference

Semi-Finalist 2018

Shitty Christians


Romans 3:23 - "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God."

Three onetime BFFs join together as twenty-somethings to redesign their childhood church's website. This unexpected youth group reunion starts with vision boards and SEO optimization, but quickly old wounds and new points of view disrupt their creative flow as queerness and the non-denominational movement collide.


(Or, The Opposite of Oleanna)

Student Looking at Building

Spring Semester, 2018: the progressive professors at a college theatre program marooned in a Red State assemble to select a Relevant, Thought-Provoking season in the wake of #MeToo. They each feel compelled to speak to the Moment, to start the Conversation, to confront their conservative audiences with Truth...until the college newspaper publishes an expose guaranteed to bring the hashtags home.

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