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The porn industry isn't what it used to be, but upstart performers in Miami are making the most of the amateur scene. Joe was a community college dropout who got fired from Jiffy Lube, but now he’s transformed himself into an assistant talent scout; he finds the girls, flies them to Florida, and gets them the gigs. But they don’t stick around for long--usually about three months--so the rental house where he lives with the talent sees a lot of turnover. Until Chloe Kendall arrives, determined to turn her stint as a "teen" star into a lasting career in adult entertainment, for herself and for her new housemates.

WORLD PREMIERE produced by Sideshow Theatre Company and directed by Regina Victor - May through June 2020

Developed for The Freshness Initiative at Sideshow Theatre Company - July 14, 2018

Bury Me

Josh and Michelle didn't mean to get pregnant. Five months along, they return to Josh's rural hometown to visit his fiercely loving but overworked mother, outspoken teenage sibling, and ailing stepfather. Upon arrival in Pacific, Missouri, a fateful fender-bender brings new and old truths to light that force everyone to evaluate their beliefs about parenthood, in God, and the plans they've made for their lives.

WORLD PREMIERE produced by Dandelion Theatre and directed by Ben Kaye - July 2019

Selected for Dandelion Theatre Company's RESERVOIR Series (reading) - March 2018

Selected for Botanicum Seedlings at Theatricum Botanicum (reading) - August 2016

Echo Theatre (reading) - April 2016

Finalist for Echo Theatre's Big Shout Out playwriting competition

Selected for Region 6 American College Theatre Festival 2015 (reading)

Sh*tty Christians (Or, Turn to Romans 3:23)

May 12, 2019

Romans 3:23: "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God..."

Three onetime BFFs join together as twenty-somethings to redesign their childhood church's website. This unexpected youth group reunion starts with vision boards and SEO optimization, but quickly old wounds and new outlooks on God disrupt their creative flow as queerness and the modern non-denominational movement collide.

Prop Thtr's Church of the New Play Reading Series - May 12, 2019

Pizza Hut Heartbreaker

As a teenager, Pizza Hut was the only place that felt like home to Dakota. When the Hut hires Zoe, a straight-A suburban Christian virgin with Ivy League dreams, Dakota doesn’t think she'll like the bougie newbie much. But after a few shifts, Zoe proves her worth and endears herself to Dakota, who falls for her. Too bad her fellow cook Nick feels the same way.

Amidst the romantic shenanigans, the crew wonders: will General Manager Liz ever leave the back office and, um, do her job? Is Assistant Manager Jaylynn ever going to acknowledge her obvious baby bump? Will driver Billy finally end his infinite engagement, marry his fiance, and move out of her parents’ garage?

Pizza Hut Heartbreaker is the story of co-workers, who become friends, who function a lot like family, exploring along the way how we end up in the lives we may or may not have chosen--and who gets to decide how much those lives mean.

Developed for The Outset at Commission Theatre Company - May 19, 2018


On a dangerous rural highway, two teenage girls wreck their cars exactly two years apart. Sarah was driving sober in broad daylight, Mal was driving drunk at 3 a.m.—but it’s only Mal who survives. When Mal encounters Sarah’s ghost at the crash site, she’s forced to consider why she’s still alive and looks for ways to help her new ghost friend. Meanwhile, Mal’s mom, guilt-ridden at the injustice of her daughter’s survival, befriends Sarah’s grieving mother. Through these unusual, fraught friendships, four women search for purpose behind their unfair fates.

Semi-Finalist for the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center's 2018 National Playwrights Conference

Winner of the 2016 Davey Foundation Theatre Grant and reading at Salt Lake Acting Company in August 2016

Selected for a staged reading at The New Colony in May 2016

Developed through The Writers Room at The New Colony

Jane's Heir (IT'S BRONTE B*TCH)

A modern adaptation of the OG epic.

Developed for Adapt Theatre Productions' Re:Vision Staged Reading Series in September 2016


In past and present, a couple debates the possibilities of mind uploading and the Singularity in the hopes of escaping death.


Commissioned for American Blues Theater's 2018 RIPPED: The Living Newspaper Festival.

The Last Night at the Everleigh Club

October 24, 1911: The night that Chicago's mayor finally shut down the infamous and luxurious Everleigh Club, the city's world-famous whorehouse. What will become of the "Everleigh butterflies" who have made it their home?

Produced for Snapshots Ten-Minute Play Festival by 20% Theatre Company

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